The AP Racing Radi-CAL Helps TM2 Motorsports Secure the Win at Bimmer Challenge


After a successful weekend winning the "Bimmer Challenge" at Bimmerfest, TM2 Motorsports updated shared some thoughts on their Essex/AP Racing Brake Kit.

"Just wanted to give you an update on our 2019 as we head into the Summer break and bring on some cooling, and aero upgrades. I wanted to thank you guys for all you do. After a difficult 2018 season with reliability issues, we are currently leading our TT1 class in NASA and will prep the car for 2020 ST1 class rules using the 2019 TT class as a testing platform. We also took home the Bimmerfest “Bimmer Challenge” win with a 1:45 time, and “Time Attack” the following day with a 1:47, due to a failing Vanos solenoid."


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