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As more of our S2000 Competition Brake Systems hit the ground, the feedback continues to roll in. This particular customer owns a gorgeous Moon Rock Metallic car with some tasteful mods. He wasted no time putting our system to the test on the racetrack.

Here are a few of his comments:

Ok so I finally managed to get a chance to install and track this awesome caliper kit.
I must say all the instructions were very clear and was a very simple easy install. I like some others have also left the dust shields in, mainly just to save me time as it is alot more work to take them off... I am lazy haha.
I've got a few sets of wheels for my S and they all managed to clear this Essex kit with ease,
17x8.5 +30 CE28N
17x9 +22 TE37
18x9 +28 BBS LM
So last month headed down to the local track, where I got to really test these bad boys out, and what can I say. They do deliver as promised, I had no brake fade, pedal pressure felt firm through out the 12-15min sessions we had throughout the day. Once the pads got up to temp, the squealing went away and the brakes were biting hard! As I got more confident in the brakes i found myself braking later and later every session. With my oem brakes i found myself braking very early at the 1st marker. With the ap setup I ended up finding a sweet spot between the last 2 markers where it stopped perfectly on time, every time.
At the end of the day the pedal pressure was still as firm as when I first installed them. I find myself wanting/needing a proper harness to secure myself more tightly as I did feel like i was being thrown forward at some of the harder braking corners.

S2000 Essex Comp Kit

S2000 Essex Comp Kit

S2000 Essex Comp Kit in action

S2000 Essex Comp Kit

S2000 Essex Comp Kit


Customer Comments:

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