Customer Review: Essex and AP Racing bring confidence to a Z06 owner at the Glen


We received a great unsolicited email the other day from a customer running our Essex Designed Competition Brake Kit on his C6 Z06. While those cars are incredibly potent in most areas, their brakes are completely underwhelming. Please check out his comments below. We love seeing these emails, so please keep them coming gents!

"Hi Jeff, I went to Watkins Glen this past Monday and Tuesday and couldn't be more happy with how the set up performed. I had quite an adjustment period to get my brain wrapped around how well and predictable the brakes acted with no change in performance from start to finish. I haven't taken the pads out yet , but their doesn't seem to be much wear either. The ability to modulate the pressure on the pads was consistent with no surprises. My technique with the z06 is soft initial application then full pressure up to the point of wheel vibration and then gradually release to settle the car. I am running r7 Hoosiers targeting a hot pressure near 36 psi. I ran down a new z06 in the last session on Tuesday and passed him going into the bus stop due to braking much later and harder than he was. This set up has transformed the car to a new level and I believe their is still more performance that I will be able to extract from the system as I grow as a driver."

Thanks Scott


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