Customer Review: AP Racing Corvette Competition Brake Kit


Steve (GettReal on the CorvetteForum) is a satisfied customer with our Competition Brake System on his C5 Z06. Here's what he had to say about the product:

I am happy to share how thrilled I am with this kit. I have to admit, there were quite a few things that initially sold me on this kit, but I was also a little skeptical about them living up to all of the claims, however there were enough positives that it seemed worth it for me to make the investment. What I have found is that every single claim lived up to the promise.

Clearing Wheels- this was a key driver for me as I have 3 sets of track wheels, happy to report that they cleared all 3 sets.

Wear - I have about 8 HPDE days (approx 45 sessions) on the pads and the rotors and the wear is incredible as I haven't had to change either of them yet. I probably have 1-2 more days out of the pads (Ferodo DS1.11) but the rotors still look like I have several more days out of them (2-piece J-hooks), this has saved me a TON of money on my pad/rotor cost. If I had to guess, I would say its saved me 400-500.00 in consumable cost and I'm half way through the season.

Performance - This is probably the best part, this brake kit stops you!!! It actually took me several days to get used to them.. I would find that even when I tried to brake later, I still had more distance I could use. It was a mental block that I had to get over to be confident that I can brake even later. The pedal feel is always consistent and I haven't felt ANY fade whatsoever.

Convenience - OK, maybe this is the best part. I don't have to change pads and rotors at the track anymore, and when you do need to do a pad swap, you undo one bolt, slide out the old pads, slide in the new ones... Crazy easy.

I just ordered 2 sets of front pads (Ferodo DS1.11) and 1 set of rears (Ferodo DS 1.11) and the total of all 3 sets cost me about the same as ONE set of another brand of pads that I won't mention.

I am a very happy owner of this Brake kit, I am glad I made the purchase and Jeff and Daniel at Essex provide amazing customer service.


Thanks for sharing your experience with us Steve, and we're glad you're enjoying the brake system so much!

Here are some details on his incredible car:

01 C5, Forged 383 Stroker, 232/234 .595/.598 cam, AFR 205 Heads, FAST 92/LS2-90, LG Pro Headers, Corsas, Canton Accusump, ATI Damper, Moton Coilovers, SKF Hubs, Hotchkiss Bars, LG Endlinks, AP T1 Race Brakes, RPM Diff & Trans - 3.90 Gears , Pfadt Poly Bushings and Engine mounts, Dewitt Rad/EOC, Powell Spindel Ducts, Centerforce DFC Clutch, Caravaggio Hood, Canards and Rear Spoiler, Powell 6pt Rollbar, Corbeau FX1 Pros, 463rwhp/487 trq

GettReal Z06 with AP Racing Comp Brake System



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