Customer Feedback on CL Brakes Sintered Racing Pads from VIR


We had a customer looking for a race pad recommendation for his new Evo build. He went with CL Brakes' Sintered RC6 compound. We really like the control-ability of the RC6, and thought it would be a good fit with his car since he wasn't running ABS. He took them out to VIR for a shakedown, and his thoughts are below:

"We had a great weekend at VIR, spent a lot of time fighting typical new car teething issues but were doing very competitive lap times by the end of the weekend. The brakes were outstanding, although ambient temp was fairly low in the 70s I didn't experience a hint of fade, even during a 40 minute sprint race. They also appear to be very kind to rotors. My only braking issue was some pad knockback, which I'm going to address with piston springs. At this point, I see no reason to switch to a different pad. I was already able to easily lock up at the end of the braking zone once downforce stops working."


Customer Comments:

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