Competition Big Brake Kit for various generations of the Honda Civic & Integra


Tracking your Honda Civic or Integra, or know someone who is? You'll want to read this...We had formally decided not to pursue the creation of a Essex Designed Competition Big Brake Kit for the Honda Civic, so one of our customers took matters into his own hands. Using AP Racing's CP8350 caliper and some heavy duty AP Racing J Hook discs, Charleston from ASR Suspension Engineering put together his own killer big brake kit for his personal Honda Civic. The best news is that he will also be selling these kits to retail customers. Designs for DC2, EG and EK are also now in the works!

You can follow ASR on Facebook, visit ASR's website, or email Charleston for more information, and please be sure to pass this along to any Civic or Integra owners you know. They'll thank you!


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