C8 Corvette owner shares track results after AP by Essex brake upgrade


Despite the new mid-engine platform's high limits in stock form, there's still plenty of room for improvement on Chevy's latest Corvette. Once these cars started showing up on racetracks in owner hands, it quickly became obvious the stock brake components weren't going to provide the durability our clients have come to expect.

To fortify their C8 development car for prolonged use on a road course, the team at Cicio Performance turned to our AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit. In addition to adding a considerable amount of heat capacity, they shaved approximately 25 lbs. of unsprung weight from the car, while also make pad changes easier than ever!

Below is some feedback from the vehicle owner after pummeling his new and improved brake setup out on the track:

"I've put about 3 days on the new series rotors; look to be holding up great. The 3 days we have put on the new J Hooks have been very hard days as we were pushing the car harder than we had in the past, the rotors still look pristine. With MCS's support we have really dialed in the suspension package for the C8. Ran the SCCA Time Trials a couple weeks back, car performed well and braked flawlessly.
Need to get a bit more power out of the car, and with the ECU still being a black hole to the entire industry it's a bit of a struggle to get the power needed to be super competitive in its respective time trial class; hope to have some more power on tap for next year. We finished 2nd in class and a second behind the top spot; top spot car a supra had 6-8 more MPH down the back straight. Probably run a bunch of TT's next year and keep hammering on these brakes!
We really learned that one of the short comings of the stock C8 was the factory rotors; they only last a couple of track days. The AP Racing Kit with J Hook rotors has afforded us the confidence to really use the car to its potential and give us a great deal of peace of mind. The kit and its included instructions are world class."

List of modifications:
-AP Racing Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit front and rear
-MCS 3-Way Coil Overs
-Forgeline 18in Wheels
-LG Motorsports Wing and Splitter
-Verus Engineering Rear Diffuser & Dive Planes
-Various pieces of safety equipment



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