C7 Corvette owner review: Essex Designed AP Racing 2-piece J Hook Discs and Ferodo DSUNO Pads


We love receiving emails from satisfied customers, particularly when they include pics of gorgeous cars! In this instance, it was a C7 Z51 owner from Texas who has been thrashing our J Hook Discs with some Ferodo DSUNO out at COTA. Here's what he had to say:

"Living in Austin and knowing that the majority of my track days were going to be at COTA, (which is very hard on brakes), I decided to upgrade the stock pads to the Ferodo DSUNOs front and rear, as well as invest in the AP J-hook front rotors in the front. I absolutely think it was worth every cent as I have had zero brake fade or overheating issues. With that I have total confidence braking from 147mph for COTA's T12 hairpin lap after lap. The DSUNO pads I find have great initial bite and are easy to modulate, plus do perfectly fine cold when driving to and from the track. They also are totally compatible with the OEM pads, so easy to just swap pads back and forth for my track days. Thanks Jeff for a great set of products and the continual customer support afterwards with any questions!!!"

The products in this review are:

Front C7 Z51 Essex Designed AP Racing 2-piece J Hook Discs

Rear C7 Z51 Essex Designed AP Racing 2-piece J Hook DiscsRear C7 Z51 Essex Designed AP Racing 2-piece J Hook Discs

Front Ferodo DSUNO for C7 Z51

Rear Ferodo DSUNO for C7 Z51

Front 991 GT3 assembled disc1.jpg



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