BRZ Sprint vs. Endurance BBK


Below is a comparison between our two Competition Brake Systems for the FT86.

Endurance/Sprint Comparison Summary:

  • Sprint system is roughly 10 lbs. lighter per corner than stock, while Endurance system is approximately 5 lbs. lighter per corner than stock
  • Endurance System comes with built-in provision for connecting brake ducts
  • Endurance system uses slightly larger disc, with a higher internal vane count
  • Aluminum hats on Endurance discs are floating, while hats on Sprint discs are bolted
  • Actual disc metallurgy the same for both kits, although spare discs for Sprint system are about $100 cheaper (each)...$200 less for the pair.
  • Slightly taller pads can be used on the Endurance package, giving greater pad volume and longer wear characteristics
    • Any pad that works in the Sprint System will also work in the Endurance package
  • Both kits will fit under certain 17" wheels, but neither will fit OEM wheels without a spacer. Wheel fitment templates available on our site.

Differences are in bold below:

Essex Competition Brake System Comparison Grid

Endurance System

Sprint System



Total system weight savings vs. OEM= 10 lbs.

Total system weight savings vs. OEM= 20 lbs.

Weight savings per front corner vs. OEM= 5 lbs.

Weight savings per front corner vs. OEM= 10 lbs.

AP Racing CP3908 Disc

AP Racing CP3862 Disc

325mm x 32mm

299mm x 32mm

70 Directional Vanes

60 Directional Vanes

J Hook Slot Pattern

J Hook Slot Pattern

Fully floating

Fixed mount

Crack-resistant metallurgy

Crack-resistant metallurgy

Approximate weight with hat= 17.6 lbs.

Approximate weight with hat= 12.2 lbs.

Spares Price= $249 per iron replacement disc

Spares Price= $158 per iron replacement disc

Brake pad maximum radial depth 50mm

Brake pad maximum radial depth 43mm

Endurance wheel fitment template

Sprint wheel fitment template

With either of our systems, Essex recommends upgrading your rear brake pads to the same or similar pad compound to what you will be running in the front. Doing so will help provide the appropriate brake bias, ABS integration, and feel that our customers expect under heavy braking loads on the track.

If you have any uncertainty as to which system will be the best fit for your needs, please don't hesitate to call us. That's why we're here! As a general rule, if you plan to keep your car at relatively stock power levels, the Sprint System should be more than ample for your needs (even if you are running bigger, sticky tires, and have reduced your curb weight). The Sprint System has the lower weight of the two options, and also the least expensive consumable costs. If you plan to add big power via a turbo or supercharger, plan to compete in Endurance racing, or just want something to further fill up your wheels, then the Endurance System may be a good starting point for you. The Endurance system should provide everything anyone would ever want or need for tracking this platform. We actually have a 637 whp Lancer Evo heavily tracking the Endurance System without issue!

Sprint System on car



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