A little more love for our BRZ Competition Big Brake Kit


We recently sent out a survey asking for customer feedback on our Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Big Brake Kits. This BRZ owner is currently cutting his teeth in NASA HPDE's, working with our FT86 Sprint Competition Big Brake Kit! Below are his thoughts on our system:

I have been tracking for a year now, currently at NASA HPDE-2 Level. I've been experiencing brake fade with the OEM system and swapped the pads and fluid out. When I decided to start tracking this car, I decided to purchase the kit to help save consumables costs. I quickly found out what I've been missing. Brake response was improved significantly and the bias was not affected, although it could have been part of the Stainless Steel lines as well. Brake pads swaps are incredibly easy with this system. Step-by-step instructions were as complete as could be. Incredibly helpful as I have not installed brakes before and I could follow the instructions and get it done myself instead of going to a shop. The fitment of the system was spot on and completely bolt-on. Jeff was extremely helpful with question I had prior to purchasing and continues to be a part of the forums where I mine information. Every single question the community has is answered and this provides complete peace of mind when purchasing and running these brakes. The brand name also most definitely helps in this aspect. I would definitely buy the product again and definitely recommend the product to a friend/family. I am also very happy with being able to run this kit with a spacer on the stock wheels of my BRZ. I understand there is another kit to clear the stock wheels but I'm content with how much I spent and what I got.


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