A glowing review of our four wheel Endurance Competition BBK for the C6 Corvette!


We recently sent out a survey to our customers asking for feedback on our Essex Designed Competition Big Brake Kits. This particular customer is using our four-wheel kit to tear up the tracks here in the southeast with his 2008 C6 Z06. It's a wicked fast car, and now it has the brake system to rein it in!

The Essex Designed AP Racing Competition Big Brake Kit for my 2008 Corvette Z06 is spectacular!

I was running Stock Calipers with Carbotech Brake Pads and aftermarket slotted rotors prior to the installation of the AP Racing Competition Brake kit. I had the unique experience of phasing-in the brake kit in two stages:

First I installed the AP Racing kit on the front with stock calipers, Carbotech pads, and slotted rotors on the rear. The braking on the car took a quantum leap forward with just the front kit. I would say my initial braking points moved forward by 25.00+ %, and my time under braking is shortened substantially.

We later added the rear kit, so the car now has the AP Racing Brake Kit on the four corners. The car took another quantum leap forward in braking ability. I would say I moved forward another 10% on my braking points.

The results are spectacular. The pedal requires a very light touch, allowing for precise inputs and control under braking. I have experienced no heating issues with either the calipers, rotors or pads, and no longer boil brake fluid as I was with the OEM calipers. The AP Brake fluid is awesome and shows no evidence of heat fatigue or discoloration from H2O absorption or contamination. I have not had to bleed the brakes after 5 track days and even the brake dust is minimal.

The car stays very stable under braking and is straight as an arrow under very heavy braking.

I have already recommended the AP Racing kit to other Track buddies with Corvettes and can’t stress the tremendous braking ability of the AP Racing Kit for the price point!!!

Buy these brakes and you will smile every time you drive the car!!!

Ryan Jones and Jeff Ritter from ESSEX Parts made my introduction to the AP Racing products awesome. The technical support from Essex Parts, and AP product fitment and install are perfect, and the AP caliper selection from Essex Parts can support any level of racing.

I have approximately 16,000 track miles in my Z06 at Carolina Motorsports Park. CMP is extremely hard on braking equipment. I have 6 track days on the AP Racing Brakes. The Ferodo DS1.11 Brake Pads show very little wear and the Rotors are pristine after 600 hard track miles. I am out-braking every car on the track, putting the system through very hard braking and it does not show ANY wear!! Oh, by the way, all you have to do is remove two pins from the calipers slide out from the top of the caliper so you DO NOT HAVE TO REMOVE THE CALIPERS from the car to change brake pads…holy cow is that nice!!

I would have already had to replace other aftermarket rotors and brake pads on the front after 6 track days, and by comparison the AP Rotors are just breaking-in and literally my pads show maybe 10% wear.

The AP Racing brakes are developed from a RACING LINEAGE, not high performance street Big Brake Kits. I did extensive research prior to my investment in the AP Racing product from Essex, and THIS IS THE TOP PERFORMANCE RACING BRAKE KIT, YET IT COSTS LESS THAN THE OTHER 3 MOST POPULAR aftermarket kits on the market today.

I highly recommend this product for anyone running a C5, C6, or C7 Corvette in either hardcore racing or the occasional Track Day. You will not be disappointed.

The AP Racing Competition Brake Kit from Essex Parts is by far the best investment I have made in my 2008 Z06!!!

Happy racing and best regards,



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