Essex Radi-CAL Brakes Help Transform a 981 Cayman into a Stunning Track Weapon


In the mid-engined Porsche world, halo models like the GT4, Spyder, and GT4 RS tend to dominate headlines. But for all the well-deserved praise heaped onto GT cars, it's easy to forget just how much excellence is baked into nearly any Cayman or Boxster. These inherently well-balanced cars can serve as the perfect canvas to create your own unique and track-capable work of art. Christian is a client of ours who has done exactly that with his 981 Cayman. Using a 6-speed manual 2.7 liter car as the foundation, he's added some serious aftermarket aero, a coilover suspension from MCS, and killer Volk Racing TE37 wheels for an "RS meets JDM" vibe. With track use in mind, swapping out the stock brake system was also a no-brainer. After experience with other big brake upgrades over the years, he chose to invest in the best: our latest Electroless Nickel Plated (ENP) Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit with Ferodo Racing Pads.

Christian's 981 Cayman is outfitted with the following:

Front- 13.01.10196-ENP - AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit - CP9661 372mm

Rear- 13.01.10055-ENP - AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kit - CP9451 340mm

Here's what he had to say about his time with our brakes thus far:

Brand, model, size, and offset of the front and rear wheels you’re running

Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Wheel - 19x10 / 5x130 / Offset +40

Volk Racing TE37 Ultra Wheel - 19x8.5 / 5x130 / Offset +52

10mm spacer and extended lugs from Porsche were installed. Not for caliper clearance but for specific alignment specs.

Your experience level & driving history

Track days, SCCA Solo, NASA Time Trials. Off and on for 15 years.

How have our brakes changed your driving experience?

Braking is unparalleled to the OEM 4/2 setup. Braking is incredibly increased and makes you nauseous in a good way.

Problems that the brake kit solved

Initial bite, better pedal feel (due to upgraded lines) and no fade.

Favorite product feature

Electroless Nickel Plating and the caliper design by far.

Comparison to other products you’ve tried in the past

Quality, design, and ease of installation compared to StopTech kits and Brembo kits is second to none. You do get what you pay for when spending $10k on brakes.

Documentation and ease of install

Excellent instructions, although I'm a competent and OCD home mechanic.

Would you buy it again, and would you recommend it to a friend?

Yes to both.



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