Tire Power Tire Softener

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Tire Power 1 gal

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Key benefits:

  • -Reverses the aging process
  • -Unique long lasting proven formula
  • -Guaranteed reduced lap times
  • -Stays consistent throughout race
  • -Increases levels of grip on any tire
  • -No shrink-wrapping necessary

Tire Power is a unique tire treatment that penetrates the surface and softens the rubber. Unlike any of its competitors, Tire Power’s non-flammable, non-toxic formula actually reverses the aging process and gives increased levels of grip on all types of race tires. Tire Power is easily applied with a brush or roller onto the surface of the tire and is then allowed to penetrate. Further coats complete the treatment process. The tires are then left for 4-5 days before use to ensure adequate penetration and softening. Shrink-wrapping the tire is unnecessary, as Tire Power simply does not evaporate. Get the edge on the opposition! Guaranteed to reduce lap times, Tire Power can even extend the life of your old race tires by bringing back that lost performance.


Step 1: The basic tools for applying Tire Power to racing tires include a scraper (a household type will do fine), a pair of latex gloves, a paint brush or roller and an open container in which to pour Tire Power (such as a paint pan).

Step 2: It is important to clean up the tire surface with the scraper to remove any built-up rubber. This will allow Tire Power to penetrate more evenly throughout the tire surface and also helps to prepare the tire for the next race. Pour some Tire Power into the container and then brush on to the tire's tread surface - there is no benefit in applying it to the sidewall. The first coat will probably take 20-30 minutes to absorb, depending on room temperature. Further coats of Tire Power can then be applied as desired, leaving similar absorption time after each coat. Four or five additional coats will give a significant increase in adhesion (durometer reading about 10-15 points lower).

Step 3: The tires must now be left to cure. This will take several days. It is a slow but necessary process to ensure the tires are softened adequately and that Tire Power has penetrated down through the tire. Because it is non-evaporative, Tire Power will keep on penetrating and tires will stay softened for weeks.

REMEMBER: After the tires have been used, the softness can be maintained by again scraping off built-up rubber and repeating the softening process. Once more, allow several days for adequate penetration.

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