Mintex 1850 18mm F10R Racing Brake Pads

Part #: 06 1850 1800F10R

Brand: Mintex

Mintex 1850 18mm F10R

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Compound: F10R

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With a very high coefficient of friction, strong initial bite, and a slowly rising torque curve, F11R is best suited to high grip and/or high downforce applications.


Consistency is the name of the game with the F10R. The mu curve is table-flat across an extremely wide temperature range, resulting in an incredibly consistent response through the brake pedal at the beginning, middle, and end of all high speed stops. If you want your brake pedal to feel the same every time you stand on it, the F10R is your solution.


F8R exhibits a torque curve very similar to F10R, but at a slightly lower mu level. A great medium-high friction compound for the front when slightly less bite is desired, or an excellent rear option as part of a staggered setup with F10R in the front.

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