Ferodo FRP218C (4003)

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Brand: Ferodo Racing

4003 is a compound that was specifically developed for light inertia cars (Formula 3, Formula Ford, Formula Opel, Formula Vauxhall, Formula Campus, etc.) and Rally use. 4003 is the most commonly used pad, across the world, in F3 championships. 4003 can also be used in the rear axle of front traction racing cars (off road, asphalt, track).

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Compound: M127

Application: Track

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Founded in England in 1897, Ferodo was the first company in the world to be entirely dedicated to the design and manufacture of friction products!

Ferodo is an OEM supplier to the world's leading car manufacturers, and are used by many of the top names in motorsports. The Ferodo Racing pad range includes some of the most advanced braking materials available today. Ferodo Racing now produces their pads in Modovi, Italy.

Essex is the exclusive North American importer and distributor of Ferodo Racing Brake Pads. We have been working with and recommending Ferodo Racing products for over a decade now, and we have weekly shipments of their pads arriving from Italy. Below are our general pad compound recommendations. However, please don't hesitate to ask for our recommendation for your specific usage environment. That's why we're here!


  • Short bedding in time
  • High friction level at any speed or temperature (0.46 coefficient of friction)
  • Excellent initial bite
  • predictability and reliability when braking into the corner
CITROENSaxo1.6 Challenge1996>FRP218
Racing Calipers & Applications
H type - Th. 16.0mm
CP3228 - Th. 16.0mm
CP3735 - Th. 16.0mm
CP4556 - Th. 16.0mm
CP4558 - Th. 16.0mm
CP6030 - Th. 16.0mm

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