CL 4055 18.5 RC6

Part #: Sublet

Brand: CL Brakes


Our original compound, RC6 was designed to apply to a wide range of motorsports, from rally to circuit. It has a high and very flat friction level and can be used successfully in almost every type of race car. Low compressibility provides a stiff pedal which greatly increases feedback and allows for easier modulation. It can also be used in the front or rear axle combined with the RC8 or RC5 to adjust bias.

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Compound: RC6

Application: Track

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CL Sintered Brake Pads

There are two types of braking materials : sintered materials and organic materials. Only sintered materials can answer to requirements such as powerful braking, heating, underwater, mud / dust use, and cold reactivity. Sintered metal brake pads are made based on powders. The friction product contains at least ten ingredients (Bronze, ceramics, graphites...). Each of these ingredients makes the friction mixture, which is then compressed in a device that will give it its final shape. The obtained item is then positionned on its metal support and then heated in a 900+°C oven. It's the sintering process : a constituent of the product melts, consolidates the material and makes it fuse with its support. The brake pad is then rectified, checked and packed.


  • High bite, incredible cold bite
  • Good for auto crossing
  • Dense material, low wear
  • Average friction coefficient μ=0.4

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