19x10" ET20 APEX ARC-8 Camaro Wheel

Part #: 27.01.1910ET20-5120-671

Brand: APEX

19x10" ET20 APEX ARC-8 Camaro Wheel

  • Fit optimized to allow wide track tires
  • Flow formed for increased resistance to bending and weight reduction
  • Lightweight at only 21.95 lbs.
  • Clear AP Racing by Essex Radi-CAL Competition Brake Kits without a spacer
  • Open center section to allow easy lug nut access
  • Hub centric, no centering rings required
  • VIA and JWL Certified
  • Lifetime Warranty and 50% off replacement if damaged
  • Accept a wide range of wheel hardware, TPMS, and valve stems
  • Gloss black APEX center caps included, and will accept OEM center caps

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Application: Road & Track


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PS-7 // Front: 19x10" ET22 with 305/30-19 tires // Rear: 19x11" ET25 with 325/30-19 tires (mods required)

Arc 8 Design

Fit Matters- A design fit to win

An optimized car setup begins with the perfect wheel and tire fitment. Without model-specific attention to each wheels specifications, maximum performance is compromised. Each size was selected to find the right balance between a clean fit and the most grip possible. Each wheel combines many great features to meet the different brake caliper, strut, and fender clearance needs of modern Camaros.

Face Profile- One design, many levels of beauty

The ARC-8 wheel is available with the deep concave face that reduces weight and creates a stunningly aggressive appearance on low offset and wide width applications. Concavity is dependent on fitment, and not selected independently.

Spokes- More than just a pretty face

The spokes of the ARC-8 were designed to be robust where they need to be and extra lightweight where they can be. The split "Y" spokes were carefully evaluated from every aspect to ensure lightweight and remarkable strength. The lack of a deep front lip and spokes that connect directly to the barrel's lip create a rigid wheel with even load distribution. These features help reduce one of the most common concerns with aftermarket wheels — bending. Beauty follows function with this extremely popular design, as it adapts perfectly to both flat and concave versions.

Brake Clearance- Spokes that work for you

Spoke clearance is only half the problem. The barrel construction on a wheel also needs to be big enough to clear the sides of your caliper and rotor. Many aftermarket wheels that have aesthetic compromises in their design may work with smaller stock brakes, or smaller diameter big brake kits, but the larger kits will pose a major problem. The barrel of the ARC-8 wheel offers unmatched caliper clearance because wheels shouldn’t limit your choice of aftermarket brake kits, and brake kits shouldn’t force you to run oversized wheels. We 2D modeled most Big Brake Kits available in Solidworks and tweaked the wheel design of the ARC-8 prior to production in order to fit as many kits as possible.

These wheels clear the following Brake Kits without a spacer:

Knurled Bead- Keep a True Balance

We’ve upgraded these wheels to include a knurled bead seat to reduce unwanted tire rotation. This added feature will help keep your balance stay more true throughout the life of the tire.

Open Hub Center- Easy access to lugs

Race wheels can't just be light, they need to function in a high-performance environment. Unlike the narrow lug recesses of most other wheels, the ARC-8 wheel features a wide open hub center that easily accommodates large race lugs. This allows for quick and easy wheel changes and prevents chips and scratches from tools.

Hub Centric- Direct fit, no compromises

All APEX ARC-8 wheels are purpose built for select vehicle applications. All Camaro-specific 5x120mm bolt pattern wheels feature a direct-fit, 67.1mm center bore.

Center Cap- A factory fit and finish

We don't reuse one cap design for all of our wheels. This wheel is designed to work with factory 6th Generation Camaro center caps. You can easily replace APEX center caps with OEM pieces for a clean factory look. The ARC-8 wheels will ship with our Gloss Black center cap that mimics the size and shape of a 6th Gen factory center cap.

Wheel Hardware- Aftermarket or OEM, it all works

The ARC-8 wheel can be used with all OEM and aftermarket mounting hardware with a 60° tapered seat and also accepts wheel spacers without issue. The shallow rear chamfer allows the wheel to remain hub centric even when 5mm flat spacers are used. The chamfer is deep enough to clear the chamfered lip found on some aftermarket spacers that would typically cause improper seating of the wheel and, therefore, wheel vibration.

TPMS Sensors- Race function without sacrificing creature comforts

The attention to OEM compatibility on the ARC-8 wheel doesn’t end with center caps and lugs. All APEX wheels accept OEM and aftermarket equivalent TPMS sensors and any standard sized metal or rubber valve stem. TPMS sensors, which monitor tire pressure and communicate to your on-board dash computer, are fully compatible and needn’t be compromised or left out when considering our wheels. The short story: This means no constantly illuminated orange TPMS light on your dash.

The APEX Standard

Flow Forming-Benefits of forging, without the pain

These APEX wheels are produced using a manufacturing process known as flow forming. This process significantly reduces weight in the barrel, which has the greatest impact on rotational mass. During the manufacturing process, rollers apply high pressure to the inner barrel, compressing the aluminum into its final shape. This effectively eliminates porosity and aligns the grain structure of the metal, which increases tensile strength. The end result is a lightweight and extremely strong barrel that equals that of a traditional forged wheel at a fraction of the cost.

Testing & Certifications- Verifiable 3rd party testing

Many companies promote their wheels as being certified by the VIA when they actually aren’t. That’s like using the USDA logo on food without permission. APEX wheels get officially tested and registered by the VIA in Japan, and we have the proof to back it up. Learn more about false VIA claims.

Japan’s JWL is a commonly followed standard for wheel load ratings. Our flow formed wheels meet, and most exceed, their load rating requirements. Most manufacturers only meet the minimum while some don’t even do that. Check and verify load ratings before you buy. Learn more about wheels that aren’t JWL.

Weight & Strength Optimization- It’s all in the details

Various design features were implemented to ensure that the ARC-8 wheel design was as light and durable as possible. We began with a strong one-piece design featuring an open hub center and reliefs in the mounting pad to remove weight between lug holes. The design was then run through Finite Element Analysis (FEA) to further optimize the spoke and barrel design. The result is a light weight wheel with extra strength in all the right places, while keeping weight to a minimum.

Finishes- Because being faster is just not enough

The ARC-8 wheel is available in multiple finishes, in addition to exclusive finishes available only through select dealers. All APEX wheels are finished using a comprehensive multi-stage liquid paint system over a powder coated base coat. Standard finishes include gloss metallic finishes, and semi-gloss or matte finishes. Hyper finishes include an additional coating of a premium liquid-like metallic silver to create a uniquely bright finish that can only be achieved through misting liquid paint.

Often overlooked, painted or powder coated lug hole seats can cause hardware to loosen or begin the spread of chipping the paint to more visible sections. The ARC-8 wheel's coating process leaves lug holes, center bores and mounting pads unpainted, which ensures proper fit and torque values.

Lifetime Warranty- A wheel you can depend on

As of recent, all our wheels now come with a lifetime structural warranty and 1 year finish warranty, so you can be confident in your purchase. See here for full terms and conditions.

50% Off Replacement Wheels- Hit those berms like you don’t care

Do some serious damage to a wheel that’s not covered under warranty? No worries. Curb rash or even totally mangling a wheel in a car accident is covered by our APEX360° program. We offer replacements for wrecked wheels at 50% off our standard prices. See our full terms and conditions for more details.



Wheel Construction

Flow Formed



Wheel Size

19x10" ET20

Wheel Diameter


Wheel Width






Face Profile

Profile 3; deep concavity

Bolt Pattern


Center Bore


Load Rating

1,675 lbs


21.95 lbs

VIA Registration #


The complete APEX Wheel and Tire fitment guide for the Gen. 6 Camaro can be found here.

These wheels clear the following Brake Kits without a spacer:

Square Fitment-Recommended for most types of street and performance driving. Allows proper front-to-rear tire rotation to extend tire life & improve handling balance.

Front and Rear: 19x10” ET20 with 285/35-19 tires

  • This fitment produced with Camaro-specific center bore. No hubcentric rings required.
  • 275/40-19 tires can also be used as a direct fit

Staggered Setup- Maintains stock-like handling characteristics, tires can only be rotated left to right. Maximizes both front and rear tire width.

Front: 19x10” ET20 with 285/35-19 tires
Rear: 19x11” ET43 with 305/30-19 tires

  • This fitment produced with Camaro-specific center bore. No hubcentric rings required .
  • Can also use 275/35-19 up front
  • Can also use 325/30-19 in the rear

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