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Thermal Barrier products

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Teknofibra is an extremely versatile, lightweight material that is both heat reflecting and heat absorbing.  Teknofibra provides an unprecedented thermal barrier that has never before been seen in automotive applications.  It can be used to protect cold parts in close proximity to high temperature sources or open flame, and remains completely non-toxic and stable under these types of high-heat conditions (it does not emit any noxious fumes).

Since the product comes in either a flexible cloth roll or rigid tiles, it can be shaped and trimmed in endless configurations to fit specific needs or applications.

Teknofibra is also an outstanding sound absorber, and can be used for sound deadening and absorption.

Possible applications include but are not limited to: Turbo component insulation, road noise reduction, exhaust component insulation, intake air temperature reduction, exhaust noise reduction, passenger compartment insulation/protection, ball joint insulation from brake heat, transmission insulation from exhaust, transmission tunnel shield, etc.

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  2. Teknofibra closeup

    Teknofibra closeup

    Teknofibra tile

    Teknofibra tape, 25mm (0.984in) wide, 16.4' long roll

    Teknofibra tape, 45mm (1.77in) wide, 16.4' long roll

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