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Custom Brake Lines

Spiegler Logoassembled in USA

If you need a custom brake line designed for your special project: hot rod, kit car, vintage racecar, etc., please call us for a quote.  Before calling, please be prepared with your required line lengths and desired fittings from the options below.  Keep in mind that all custom lines are available in any of the color options shown. 

Please measure twice and order once, because there are no returns accepted on custom brake lines.  Measure lines with suspension uncompressed, along the planned routing for the lines, with a lightweight flexible hose to account for suspension travel. Plan your routing so that the lines will not get pinched or chafed by the wheels, suspension components, etc.

How to measure lines:

Line measurement

Available fittings in stainless steel:

Type 000

Type 002

Type 004

Type 019

Type 410

Type 418

Type 420

Type 428

Type 430

Type 438

Type 510

type 513

Type 514

Type 520

Type 530

Type 533

Type 618

Type 628

Type 633

Type 710

type 713

Type 714

Type 715

Type 716

Type 782

Type 787

Wide Range of Colors

clear coatingblack linesmoke line

green lineblue linetrans blue line

red lineorange linewhite line

If you have a show car, or just want something a little more colorful behind your wheels, Spiegler offers a range of color options: clear, black, smoke, green, blue, translucent blue, red, orange, or white coating.